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How can family mediation help?

How can family mediation help me?

Family mediation helps families in conflict understand and communicate with each other better so they can make practical plans for the future. Our trained mediators understand the complexity of family life, separation, divorce and family restructuring. They won’t take sides, make judgements or give guidance. They work with families in conflict to help them communicate more effectively with one another and consider options that will help them work through their differences. Mediation can help minimise conflict, improve family life and help avoid long, painful and expensive legal battles. If you do go to court, even at that stage the sheriff might encourage you to attend a mediation service.

Can we help you?

Family breakdown is distressing. It can be hard to keep communication channels open with family members when you’re in crisis. We are here to help you make your own decisions about the future when you most need support and understanding.

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, our mediation service could help you and your family:

  • My partner and I have just separated. We’ve tried talking about arrangements for the children, but we just get angry and one of us storms out.

  • Since I moved out, my partner hasn’t let me see my children. I miss them so much.

  • I’m a grandparent. Since my son’s/daughter’s breakup, I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren.

  • I don’t want to go to court if I can help it. Can mediation help us avoid it?

  • We separated a while ago, but our arrangements have broken down. We need help to sort them out again.

  • My ex was the main breadwinner. What will happen to the kids and me if the money stops?

  • My ex and I both have new relationships now. We need to make new plans for our children.

  • Since Mum and Dad broke up, they don’t listen to me any more. I feel like running away.

If you are experiencing conflict in your family for a different reason our Young People and Families Mediation service or other Family Support services might be able to help.

Read about how mediation has helped some of the families we have been working with, to find out how mediation might help you, your family or friends.

(Details have been changed to protect confidentiality)

One mediator talked about a mediation session that had been online using zoom with two parents who had been together for about a year. The parents had separated because of persistent arguments, and difficulty with communication and understanding. Both parents wanted their young son to have a relationship with his dad and for dad to be an active parent, but this hadn’t been working out.  Dad’s work commitments took him away from the area at times, and mum had a few concerns about his ability to parent and his extended family. During the mediation mum was able to update dad on their son’s development. They agreed to weekly texts where mum could let dad know about their son and also send photos, and dad could also text and ask about him. They also agreed to use a child contact centre, as a neutral venue, where dad could build up a bond with their son and mum could also be part of the session to gain reassurance of dad’s parenting.

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